hand-made. natural. dreamlike. royal.

Photo: Hästens

The Dream Factory

Even today, the horse in the logo and of course also the name itself – “häst” means horse in Swedish – hint towards the fact that the bed manufacture started as a saddlery in 1852. But only a short time later the young company committed itself to the high sleep culture and accompanies people across the world into sweet dreams as a global brand today.

What has remained from the former saddlery is the love for craftsmanship. Since six generations, the company fosters the tradition of the manufacture with handmade beds made of pure natural materials. The beds are still made with masterly hand craft at the company headquarters in Köping.

Of course so much tradition and quality gets around – all the way to the top: In 1995, the Swedish King Carl XVI. Gustaf once again named the family company as the royal purveyor to the court, an honor that they first received in 1952 for their 100th anniversary.

Despite all the consciousness for tradition, the brand is open for new ideas, innovative designs and contemporary interpretations. This openness is expressed in collaborations with leading designers such as Bernadotte & Kylberg, Lars Nilsson or Ilse Crawford.