connecting. arrived. decelerating. luxurious.

Photo: Freifrau

Wether arriving at a far away place or at home – we arrive, sit down and take a deep breath. The philosophy of the brand Freifra  Sitzmöbelmanufaktur (translate to seating manufacture) focuses on this special feeling of arrival. The seating furniture is a place of calmness. A place in which people feel comfortable. A place in which people come together. A favorite place. And once this arises, it is meant to stay.

At Freifrau, seating furniture of highest quality arise from this need. Their design surpasses all fashion currents. Hence, it is crucial to select the right designers who follow this philosophy and are able to translate it into their creations.

The Freifrau Sitzmöbelmanufaktur was founded in 2012 by Hansjörg Helweg. The company from Lemgo, North Rhine-Westphalia, has established itself as one of the leading German luxury seating manufacturers.

The band width of usage reaches from private homes, to gastronomy and hotel business, stores and showrooms to public spaces. For a feeling of being at home anywhere in this world.