In the 19th Century there were supposed to be dandies who, as an expression of their free spirit, to walks with turtles on a leash.  Hamburg’s Hotel Tortue (French for turtle) picks up the overbearing momentum of this scene and translates it into an opulent interior.

The renovation of the historic building from 1899 was planned by a true star: Star architect David Chipperfield oversaw the expansion of the house and designer Kate Hume planned the decoration of the interior. In  the lobby and rooms, she focused on purple, blue and red, heavy velvet fabrics, patterned wallpapers as well as leather covered walls. Nomen est omen: On lamp stands etc you can see turtle figures.

Special Tips

The hotel’s restaurant Jin GUI was designed byJoyce Wang from Hong Kong.


Original building: Carl Johann Christian; Concept reconstruction: David Chipperfield, Kuehn Malvezzi Architects

Interior Design

Kate Hume, Joyce Wang


Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GTV, Jab Anstoetz, Hypnos


Stadthausbrücke 10

20355 Hamburg



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TEXT: SANDRA PISKE | FOTO: HGH Hotelgesellschaft GmbH